Africa 2.0 contributes to improving health care across the continent !

Susana Edjang, Africa 2.0. Health Champion has contributed to a chapter on the book “One World Health” launched on 27 June by the Taylor and Francis publishing group by Lord Nigel Crisp, the former CEO of the English National Health Service, Permanent Secretary for the UK Department of Health from 2000 to 2006 and global health adviser to governments and institutions around the world.

The book is a critical resource to understand the issues that affect our health wherever we live and Susana’s chapter explores whether there is aid dependency for health in Africa, African countries and groups responses to health situations, and how partnerships can help improve health results across the continent.

The book describes a positive dynamic with the Sustainable Development Goals, new partnerships, innovations, new knowledge and new investment, but also a negative one with increasing global tensions, growing inequality, environmental pressures, new diseases and resurgent old ones alongside increasing demand and cost constraints.