We Are 1ne is a global initiative aiming to foster, cultivate and advance initiatives that unite humanity worldwide, and address issues that affect the quality of life for citizens globally regardless of their race, gender, culture or religious belief.

Grounded in the values of unity and solidarity, we activated the campaign in response to the Xenophobic Attacks in South Africa in January and February 2015, and in protest against the killings of students in Garissa, Kenya honouring the lives of young individuals lost.

During the campaign on Friday 23rd of January 2015 we were able to reach to and get support from more than 38000 mentions on social media, receiving 4 500 selfies from supporters wearing green and showing their index finger to show solidarity.

After the launch of the campaign, with support from 62 countries around the world, including villages from Northern Nigeria, Gambia to Northern Cameroon, there are more than 10.000 selfies, support from more than 47300 on Facebook and 3600 on twitter.

The partnership with the national campaign United for Cameroon organized in Cameroon by a group of young media and opinion leaders aimed at mobilizing the civil society in Cameroon peacefully to stand against the violence in Africa and across the globe mainly caused by the violent acts in the Northern Region of the country saw more than 10000 supporters taking place.