FABA is a movement launched by Africa 2.0 to support organizations in driving the development of our continent through showcasing the best of Africa


This campaign is all about promoting a positive image of Africa, celebrating African achievements and strengthening the ties that bind Africans to each other. This campaign is primarily run online using the hashtag FABA (#FABA) and is focused on rebranding the African continent as well as creating a more positive narrative worldwide. The term FABA is an acronym similar to the world-renowned brand FUBU (For Us By Us) but FABA stands for: For Africa By Africa.

Another extension of FABA is: For Africa? Buy Africa!

#FABA is about celebrating, endorsing and creating authentic African content using technology, creativity, arts and culture to push the new African agenda; promoting a positive image of Africa and strengthening the ties that bind Africans to each other.

Fingers crossed in a hashtag sign is the official representation of #FABA as shown in the image above.

We call on everyone to showcase #FABA content and represent the best of Africa. In addition, we also reach out to the general public to pick their #FABA content and upload it online using the hashtag #FABA and tagging Africa 2.0. Watch out for these. Public participation could be pictures of Africans one admires, exotic and must-see locations in Africa, African entrepreneurs, innovative African products and services making a real impact, quotes from favorite African writers or leaders; pictures of them & their family wearing African traditional clothes and making the #FABA sign (hashtag sign), short videos expressing love for the continent and lots more. Participants taking pictures of themselves will need to make the hashtag sign in their pictures.