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Africa's emerging leaders launch 2020 growth vision

A diverse group of young emerging leaders from all across Africa and the diaspora has come together to promote a unified vision for the continent and devise ways to move it forward. Dubbed Africa 2.0, the advocacy group recently met in Mombasa, Kenya, to bring together some 250 young businessmen, social entrepreneurs and opinion leaders from nearly 40 African countries to work toward a strategy that could help the continent leapfrog and accelerate its development.

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About Africa 2.0

Founded in 2010 around the belief that with a unifying vision and a focused “coalition of the willing”, Africans can accelerate the development of their continent. Africa 2.0 is a Pan-African Civil Society Organisation made up of a community of emerging and established African leaders who share a collective vision for Africa and a commitment to finding and implementing sustainable solutions that will drive forward the transformation of the continent.


Our vision is to be a significant catalyst of accelerated and substantial growth in the African continent.


To formulate a new leapfrog based approach to development in Africa built upon collective knowledge and the experiences of a broad spectrum of African leaders.


Building an inspiring and prosperous Africa.

Our Core Values

Team spirit and camaraderie
All members and stakeholders are prepared to join our community and work together
All members are actively engaged in cross-border activity in Africa or have demonstrated interest in pan-African affairs.
The 2.0 community demonstrate leadership within their work or field of interest, driving forward innovative solutions to the biggest challenges that the continent faces.
Ultimate ambassadors and role models for the organisation and its values
Energetic, self-starters, solution-focused and action-oriented. Established a strong regional network already in place among (private and public sector) leaders and other social groups/communities
Members are willing to actively contribute to the Africa 2.0 vision and values


In order to achieve the Vision Africa 2.0, 4 areas of critical leadership must be tackled. These are the fundamental axes of Vision Africa 2.0

  • Change the mindsets / Rebranding Africa
  • Building and retaining human capital.
  • Move towards a knowledge based society.
  • Provide decent healthcare and affordable housing schemes.
  • Promote entrepreneurship to create jobs.
  • Foster cluster strategy to encourage expansion of local industries.
  • Promote Regional Champions.
  • Accelerate and consolidate regional integration.
  • Powering Africa.
  • Leverage on expansion of telecommunications sectors.
  • Provide an enabling banking infrastructure and lead the mobile banking revolution globally.
  • Transport and water infrastructure.
  • A stable macro-economic environment.
  • Improve the investment climate.
  • Address the governance issues
  • Secure food for the people.
  • Keep Africa green.

-- Mamadou Kwidjim Toure

A vision inviting all children of Africa from “Monrovia to Mombasa” to make a new contribution to the Universal Civilisation! A vision inviting all of us to raise our heads and look at the bigger picture! A vision designed and driven by the people from Africa for the people of Africa. A vision inviting our leaders to sit at the discussion table to identify and implement solutions together! A vision for our children. A vision for Africa.

A vision for Africa is necessary. A Road map or a long term plan aimed at proposing a framework including joint solutions, that transcend borders and address common challenges. A vision based on cross- fertilisation of knowledge and experiences. A vision that rises from, lessons learned from our neighbours’ and from our elders’ previous mistakes and successes through deeper dialogue and insight.

A Road map that puts General Interest above individual interest! A vision that galvanises all Africans to become masters of their own destiny and enables them to push further the limits of their capabilities.”


Launched first in January 2012 during the African Union Summit in Ethiopia and at the World Economic Forum in Davos. The Vision Africa 2.0 Manifesto was endorsed by 43 Ministers of Education and African thought leaders and experts during ADEA's 2012 Triennial in Burkina Faso.

This guiding document sets out sustainable and thoughtful solutions to Africa's challenges that will result in deep-rooted change. It provides the vision, framework and approach for all our activity.

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We run a variety of programmes that drive progress under our 10 Strategic Pillars with a particular focus on youth empowerement through entrepreneurship.

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