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3rd Annual Leadership Symposium – A business plan for Africa – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

6th November 2013 @ 8:00 am - 8th November 2013 @ 5:00 pm

Event Context : Mo Ibrahim Governance Week

 After a successful and memorable gathering in Dakar in 2012, The Mo Ibrahim Foundation, African Media Leaders Forum, Femmes Africa Solidarite & Africa 2.0 Foundation launched a yearly global gathering called “The Governance Week”.

 The Theme Driven by Africa 2.0 this year is “ A Business Plan for Africa”. Event Rationale

  •   To hypothesize Africa as a business and create a business plan for the running of Africa inc.
  •   To set goals ,targets, time frame, monitoring and evaluation mechanisms and plan initiatives inline with the continents Strengths – Weaknesses – Opportunities – Threats (SWOT Analysis).
  •   To ponder Africa as a Big Conglomerate and break it down per region, business segments and product lines.
  •   To Present an intermediary report (A business plan for Africa) to African leaders at a side event during the African union summit (January 2014) in partnership with the Olusegun Obasanjo Foundation.
  •   To formulate a Final report that will be presented during the Official closing ceremony of the African Union 50th Anniversary in May 2014.

Workshops Thematic & Topics

 Why does Africa need a Business Plan ?

  •   For a new pragmatic African consciousness and African Renaissance.
  •   To Design & Execute an Action Plan & Social Contract towards a prosperous and inspiring Africa by mobilizing the private sector, Government and Civil Society. Africa Inc : Assessing and upgrading our unique differentiators.
  •   Counting our blessings is nice, but how do we transform them into efficient competitive advantage?
  •   From the Rise of African Consumer to the “Rise of African Producer”, Paving the way for industrialization driven by local, regional & global Champions. Market analysis & Competitive landscape.
  •   Where should Africa fit in the global economy over the next decade?
  •   Considering the global context, shouldn’t Africans be our primary customers?
  •   What strategies should corporates and nations adopt, how should they execute them?
  •   Strategic Alliances & Partnerships: BRICS, OECD, Intra-African Trade? All of the above? What’s the right mix? Mergers, Acquisitions? Joint Ventures? Human Resource Management: Recruiting & Nurturing the necessary Talents for Africa Inc.
  •   Continental Leadership & Executive Management Teams locally for a Performance & Accountability driven culture.
  •   Nurturing, attracting and keeping the best talents to deliver the best performance for all subsidiaries .

Branding and Marketing Strategy for Africa Inc. (our people, our products, our story):

  •   “Made In Africa ”, Unique Branding for unique products (The right marketing mix, Price, Positioning, Packaging, Promotion). Case study on a list of strategic product categories.
  •   The Role of the Media (Session in partnership with African Media Leaders Forum).
  •   Living our Brand and Values: The Role of African population, from Afro-pessimism to Afri- CAN-DO Attitude… Financial Forecasts and Fund raising Plan for Africa Inc.

     Source of funds

  • Maximizing our Cash Flow Forecasts = [Internally Generated Cash (exports) – (imports)+ (tax collected)) + Investments = Foreign Direct Investments + Local (incl. intra-African) Investments).
  • The Role of Banks and other Financial Institutions : pumping the growth.
  • Leveraging on Local & International Capital Markets without falling into over-indebtedness. Use of funds
  • Sectors/industries Prioritisation Matrix : How to start with limited capital. Key Success factors
  •  Committed Leadership (Government + local and international Business) .
  •  Governance & Accountability.
  •  Infrastructure, Infrastructure, Infrastructure (The 25 Infra projects that can transform Africa).  The rise of a Knowledge Based Society.
  •  Systematic Adoption & Leveraging on Technology to leapfrog.
  •  Peace, Security, Youth employment, Women Empowerment.
  •  Pan-Africanism & African-do attitude.


6th November 2013 @ 8:00 am
8th November 2013 @ 5:00 pm


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